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Sony FX6 PL Mount V-Mount Plate

Sony FS7 V-Mount supported

Black Magic Pocket 6K Pl Mount

Sony A7s III

Mattbox Chrosziel 4.56 Filter 2 Stage

Lightweight polar pro 

E-mount to Ef Speedbooster

E-mount to Ef ND throttle

E-mount to Ef Adapter

Canon 24-105mm F4

Sony E-mount Samyang 35mm 1.8 AF FF

Sony E-Mount 50mm 1.8 FF

Sony E-Mount 24mm F2 FF

Sigma Cine Zoom PL18-35mm F1.8 Super35

Sigma Cine Zoom PL 50-100mm F1. 8 Full Frame

Xeen Prime PL 20mm F2

Xeen Prime PL 50mm F1.5

Xeen Prime PL 80mm F1.5

Helios modified oval bokeh EF

Easyrig Flowcine 

DJI Ronin Rs2 

DJI mavic pro 2 modified to Infrared

Slider Flyking 

2x Falconeyes RX18

Falconeyes RX12

Tripod 100 bowlhead

Job crane max weight 20kg

Greenscreen soft

Black mist 1/8

Accsoon Cineeye 2s Pro

Directors Monitor 15.6"  Lilliput

Junior Magliner 

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